Software to control high-end microscope systems

Morgentau Solutions develops specialized software to control high-end microscope systems for scientific research. Our software is specifically designed for existing microscope setups in areas such as neuroscience, medical, biological research, and materials research.

Brief presentation of the microscope software Morgentau M1 (~2 min.)

Leverage your microscope system

Speed up your scientific experiments while gaining a higher degree of both precision and comfort. Our software controls high-end microscope systems which allows you to:

  • Conduct entirely new experiments (e.g. scanning, photostimulation, mapping experiments).
  • Add external devices such as a laser.
  • Autofocus to control Z-axis.
  • Time lapse video microscopy.
  • Speed up work, gain precision and comfort.

Join leading research institutes

Several research institutes currently use our software to control their high-end microscope systems. Some of these are include:

  • Charité University Medicine, Berlin
  • BioZentrum Martinsried, Munich
  • Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen

Morgentau Solutions is supported by these institutions

Morgentau Solutions gratefully acknowledges the support of the following institutions: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany (BMWi), European Social Fund of the European Commission (ESF), Stiftung Charité, Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Further supporting institutions can be found here: About Us.

Research projects relying on our microscope software Morgentau M1

Some of the research projects that have been conducted using our microscope software Morgentau M1 are: